Current Letting Tenants with ACJ Lettings, Penarth, Cardiff

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Current letting tenants in managed properties

Letting tenants will find this information very helpful. The information below relates to tenants in managed properties by ACJ. If your Landlord selected a let only service with us, once you have moved in, you will deal with your landlord directly, including reporting any maintenance to them and the return of your deposit at the end of the tenancy.

1. Paying your rent

Rent must be paid by bank standing order to reach us by the anniversary of the commencement of the tenancy (it will take at least 3 days to leave your bank account and reach ours). Please ensure that you have set up a standing order with your bank in plenty of time for your next rent payment. You must use a reference, such as the rented property address. We do not accept rent payments by cash, cheque or debit / credit card payment. If there is a problem with paying by standing order, please contact us on


2. Reporting Maintenance

You can report maintenance in a variety of ways:

Although ACJ manage the property on behalf of the Landlord, unless it is an emergency, we are always required to obtain the Landlords authorisation to carry out maintenance and act in accordance with the Landlords instructions.


3. Emergency Maintenance

An emergency situation is when the incident is dangerous, life threatening or may result in personal injury or serious deterioration of the property. If you have an emergency situation, please always advise us immediately by telephone. If this is out of office hours, you will be given instructions when you telephone us on 029 2041 5161.

4. Smell gas at the property?

Call the National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999 (this is a 24 hour emergency line) and switch off the gas at the gas meter. The National Grid (formerly Transco) will come to your property and make it safe.

5. Misplaced your keys?

We may be able to loan you a spare set if this is during office hours, please contact the office to check for key availability on 029 2041 5161.
If it is outside of office hours, keys cannot be provided. If you cannot source alternative accommodation, a locksmith may be able to get you into the property. You will be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of misplacing your keys.


6. Giving notice

Neither landlord or tenant can give notice during the fixed term of the Tenancy. If you are in a “periodic” rolling monthly tenancy, the Landlord can give you 2 months’ notice to leave via a legal document called a Section 21 notice. If you wish to give notice during a periodic tenancy, you are required to give one months’ written notice. Once this has been received, we will contact you to arrange the end of tenancy check out.


Any other issues?

Should you have any other issues or would like to discuss something with us, please just give us a call on 029 2041 5161.